My mother always said, “Okra should never see the inside of a refrigerator. It should be fresh when we fry it”. Maybe, that is why we never bought a refrigerator. But I would always see her checking her purse when she passed the store, where we once went to see which refrigerator was the best looking. Okra always had a love-hate relationship in our family. Mom and I loved it, but my dad and sister hated it. I haven’t seen dad for a year now. The last time I saw him, he asked me what I wanted for my next…


Maybe that’s what the boy thought, to withstand the tide. He stood there with his hands spread out, his face determined to take down what seemed to be bigger than him. He looked like a warrior behind the pink sky, waiting with a sword in his hand, ready to slay his enemies. He was down the next moment, as the tide swept him to the shore. His mother had a playful smirk on her face when she washed away the sand from his face — maybe she was telling him what my mother always told me — I had warned…

“But you don’t smell like curry”, said Paul. I smiled at him, realising that I have finally managed to blend in. I could feel spring in my mind. The long, grey winter finally came to a close. It was a long one, two years to be precise. Two years! Since I have been trying hard to be English, to be one of them. I could smell the budding leaves as I slowly slung my coat over my shoulders, and walked towards my apartment.

As I walked down the lane with Paul, I saw the new Indian restaurant had finally been…

Nithin Thankachan

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